How To Tell When a Cat Likes You

May 12

We’ve all seen cats rub their faces on people, things and each other, but did you know this is a feline way of greeting and there is a scientific explanation to it? They have scent glands in their temples, mouths, and base of their tails which are used to mark their territory, essentially claiming their favorite people, objects and pets. Cats also pick up smells in this manner, which explains the funny, open mouthed expression you may see a cat make.

Cats may give gentle bites when happy that are similar to human kissing. Some other signs of affection are purring, arching the back when pet, and licking. Watch out for harder bites though, since that may be a sign that kitty is tired of being pet and would like you to leave him alone. Aggravation may be expressed if purring stops, eyes and pupils widen, tail twitches and thumps, and ears point backward.

Tails are part of cat language in other ways as well. A tail held high and straight up is a sign of happiness and a greeting if you are approached this way. Half raised, shows less pleasure, and a tail held low indicates unhappiness. Of course, puffed up tail and back fur is a sign of fear and aggression.

Head-butting with the top of the head is strictly for expressing affection and the highest compliment a cat will pay you. They will greet their best feline friends this way by bumping their head near their face or chest area. Don’t be confused if your leg is the object of the bump, it’s only due to the height difference.

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Gary said on Saturday, 22 May, 2010

Great article!!! I could see my wonderful loving 13yo sweetheart, Sweety (a female Ragdoll type), portrayed in there among the various well described descriptions!!! Thanks!!!

Flea Bites said on Thursday, 8 July, 2010

That’s interesting about the head butting. I love it when cats do that, and I’ve always assumed it was to express affection. Cats are so interesting. I’ve never actually seen them butting heads with eachother, but I’ll have to watch for that.

I’d never thought about the tail position thing, but I’ll have to keep an eye out for that, as I live vicariously through other cats, being a cat lover but non-owner myself.

kimm sayles said on Monday, 12 July, 2010

i love my cat cindy . so now i know why she bites .

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